Monday, July 24, 2017

term 2 book review (The Isle of the lost.)

The Isle of the lost
This story is about Descendent, Descendent is a movie about villains and fairy tale the main character is Mal daughter of Maleficent's , Evie daughter of the Evil Queens , Jay son of Jafar and Carlos son of Cruella de vill. The story all starts at the Isle of the lost. In the Isle of the lost Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty ruled there as you may be wondering in Sleeping beauty that Prince Phillip killed Maleficent but in the story Maleficent said that Prince Philip killed the dragon not her and she got flyed away to the Island and then King beast and Queen Belle called it the isle of the lost where all the baddies live the bad thing is there were no Wifi no magic! Soon little Mal got older with her little friends Evie Jay and Carlos they desided to go to the dirty beach well more like a rubbish dump but there they saw the beautiful Castle....  I really Enjoyed this book because Descendent is one of my favourite movies. I recommend you to read this book because I find this book amazing at start i thought this book was too wicked but near the end it was super cool.

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