Monday, May 29, 2017

Merit Leadership blog post #1 (Home learning challenges) A9

Today Tuesday the 30th of May 2017 I did a home learning challenge.
I did A9, draw a landscape of the local Oakland's area. I think I did pretty well first I did a draft with pencil and made lots of mistakes but I carried on and ended up like this.The easiest part was the feild but the challanging part was remembering the place!

Blog post for merit #1 (Peer mediation)

Today for peer mediation me, Izzy and Auston had to deal with a really bad problem I had to scream to get the little kids attention the problem started off when I heard the year 1 students scream in the old music room, when we went in 2 boys were fighting and everyone else were screaming some other boys were yelling "fight fight fight" but finally at the end I shouted "GET OUT" I felt really bad because I never scream to others kids I like staying Quiet and calm all of the good kids went out but some of the naughty kids stayed in they were still fighting until Izzy came over (she is a tom boy :|  ) after Izzy finished talking to the boys all of them went out but a boy with orange hair stayed in but it was time to swap over and Izzy and Auston when to class but I stayed. Luckily the teacher came and the little boy went out. So I could Enjoy the rest of my lunch, I think I showed Respect and Active thinking because I heard every ones story (which was boring)

Merit Leadership Blog Post #1 (Getting involved.)

Today was a great day for me Getting involved, Firstly I played with my sister's and her  friends (which wasn't fun) then I played with Tracy and Hailey we played netball then when It was the second half I played dogbox with Mr Forman and a few other kids and lastly I played with Alex, Jacinta, Warisha, Sadiyah and Dania, we played half court Basket Ball. I really enjoyed my lunch.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

So Totally Emily Ebers

So totally Emily Ebers 
This story is about a girl called Emily but one day her dad and mom spited up and Emily went with her mother but really she wanted to be with her father more.
All the time she writes about her father and wishes his father could she what she wrote.
But one day her nightmare had came true her mother signed her up for volleyball Emily hates sports soon it was time for her to go to volleyball practice she meet this really pretty girl she was tall she had yellow sunshine hair white teeth but she was not so nice but Emily didn't know that she wasn't nice but but soon Emily will know that she is mean and only treats her friends well.
This book is great I suggest you to get this book from the library

Treaty of Waitangi