Sunday, October 29, 2017

#5 Getting involved

It is my sister Chloes birthday and I have helped my mom prepare thing such as spending my own money on presents. I think I have shown A8 being a caring Friend/Sister because I have used my own money and my Sister Yoyo has used Moms money. And some other presents.

#5 challenge

I did C10 Which was write a report about how annoying my sister is.
I think I shown A2 Use your time wisely because I really wanted to do this.
It has lots of info about how annoying my sister is and she doesn't want me to share this so...

Leadership #5 role.

Today surprisingly there weren't any problems I was inspecting lot's of problems on a Monday morning tea. Me and Izzy were super boried Because It was super hot and super boring.

Leadership #4 Getting involved

Today at kauri school assembly the choir performed Singin in the rain/raindrops keeps fallin on my head and Sing your song I showed E3 be resilient when challenged because everyone looked really bored and barely anyone could hear us.

Leadership blog post #4 Home learning challenge.

I Did E10 which is design your own challenge.
At first I decided to learn Fur elies (Piano) but it failed it was in fact a little to hard...

Then I dicided to create a story for fun untill I realised that I still got 40 pages left...

So the Challenge that I actually choose was Writing chinese... I think I showed E1 by showing book standards.

The Chinese characters that I wrote was Big, Small, Right, and Left

Treaty of Waitangi