Wednesday, March 16, 2016

art with Mrs boston

WHAT: room 24 did art with Mrs Boston the used pastels and chalk we draws Maul sun's. SO WHAT: I ENJOYED doing the sun drawing because it was really awesome to see other ideas from other people our suns can be any kind of shapes but it must have patterns. NOW WHAT:MY NEXT STEP IS: make more pattern and colour and not just useing my favourite colour.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

my reading goal

WHAT:this is the book I am currently reading as part of my reading goal which is to be able to be read for longer periods of time and retain meaning. SO WHAT:I the book I'm currenty reading is thea stilton and the great tulip heist its really intresting because they went on a boat to go after this mouse and found out that they went after the wrong mouse. NOW WHAT:My goal is also to read a variety of genre. This book is traditional literature. The next genre I am going to read mystery.

year 6 camp

WHAT:last week the year 6 students went to Waipara for a 3 day camp.
 SO WHAT:We went there to have fun and do activities. I enjoyed abseling because it was so much fun and me and Louise were the fastest.something that challenged me was the water challange one it was hard. my highlight was me and Louise were the fastest in our group and bravest at abseling.
 NOW WHAT: I'm going to use the skills and dispositions I developed on camp to help me though the year.

Treaty of Waitangi