Monday, May 29, 2017

Blog post for merit #1 (Peer mediation)

Today for peer mediation me, Izzy and Auston had to deal with a really bad problem I had to scream to get the little kids attention the problem started off when I heard the year 1 students scream in the old music room, when we went in 2 boys were fighting and everyone else were screaming some other boys were yelling "fight fight fight" but finally at the end I shouted "GET OUT" I felt really bad because I never scream to others kids I like staying Quiet and calm all of the good kids went out but some of the naughty kids stayed in they were still fighting until Izzy came over (she is a tom boy :|  ) after Izzy finished talking to the boys all of them went out but a boy with orange hair stayed in but it was time to swap over and Izzy and Auston when to class but I stayed. Luckily the teacher came and the little boy went out. So I could Enjoy the rest of my lunch, I think I showed Respect and Active thinking because I heard every ones story (which was boring)

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